Thursday, 17 October 2019

Trump go!

Hi All,

Trump betrayed the Kurds!

Bastard, coward,  narcissist ,dishonourable .... I'm being nice !

Apparently Isis will "ONLY"  go to"europe"...

They didn't "help" in wwii.... (eh?)

But they did sacrifice 11,000 warriors and countless thousands of civilians to stop Isis.


Who's next under the bus for this shalllow, bullying, vain ,ludicrous man!? 

South Korea?

Any other U.S. allied nation?

A man who will not keep his word is a man not worth the while of  respect. 

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Livin' in a Booth

Hi all,

Sukkot 🔯😎

Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Yom Kippur

Hi All,

Tonight is the start of the holiest day in the Jewish calender:

Loser's consent

This is a simple concept that has hitherto been taken for granted, that in democracies political parties can win and loose power. The loosing party gracefully hands power to the other without any qualms and heads into opposition waiting for the chance to win power agsun. In Britain we even have what is called the Salisbury convention, which was agreed in the 1940s, stating that the house of lords wouldn't try to bloc government legislation , providing it had been in the winning party's manifesto and thus been subjected to democratic approval. I am sure that the reader can see what would happen if this broke down , as the only way to regime change would be a coup or violence , rather than democracy. Losers consent is part of the mortar which holds democracy together.

Unfortunately in the EU referendum one side, the side that lost , simply refused to accept or consent to the result. In fact it was worse than this and they've carried on for three years testing and trying every single way to halt and stop brexit by any and every means necessary. They've simply ignored a result they don't like and give self serving reasons to ignore it , such as people didn't know what they were voting for or that people were lied to , as if a year long campaign hadn't happened, with a vast amount of debate and readily accessible information (Ireland and the back stop never being mentioned by the remain side).  What's even worse was that a general election was held in 2017  and all of the Labour and Conservative MPs were elected on manifesto commitments to uphold the referendum result. Yet as soon as they took their seats, half of them decided to ignore their own manifesto which they were elected on. Thus a double ignore of their own voters. The attitude seemed to be:

1). They're xenophobic, but stupid , so we can ignore them and in five years they'll still vote for us
2). In my safe seat we weigh the votes not count them. They're so tribal , a cat with a blue or red Rosetta would be elected. So we can ignore them.
3). I'm an MP, so self important I can do what I want.

So there isn't a constitutional crisis. It is a crisis of one side refusing to accept a vote and all of the issues of the past few years come from that .  One only hopes that this isn't infectious and starts to catch on to general elections. Then democracy is definitely dead. If it isn't already.

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Rosh Hashanah

Hi All,

Shanah Tovah!

Happy New year!

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

More like America 2

Another example of how we are becoming more like America (the irony being this is being shaped by arch pro EU politicians who hate American and Trump especially) .

It is like this :  in America there is a  separate executive and legislature.  In the Westminster system the executive comes from the legislature and they are fused together. The executive introduces legislation and the parliament collectively votes on it, whereas in America the Congress decides its own legislation , subject to Presidential veto. 

Today we are seeing a shift from that position to an American system. We've got a government (executive)  that cannot pass legislation and cannot stop the parliament from voting for its own whims. This is because opposition MPs won't vote to call an election, something which would happen automatically in the old constitutional system.  A government only lasted providing it could command a legislative majority, which is why we don't have impeachment as a political tool to get rid of prime ministers( the only route for Americans to get rid of a president) .

 Thanks to the liberal democrats in the coalition years we now have a fixed term parliament, which needs a two thirds majority for an early election or we have 2 weeks of chaos for someone else (why not Gina?) to show they can command a majority.

In a short space of time we've become a de facto America. An executive which cannot be moved, but one which is  unable to pass any legislation. In fact it's worse than America because they can't even do any executive functions (e.g. Benn Bill and the usage of political judicial activism in yesterday's supreme  court case).

One also wonders what the unforseen and unintended consequences of all this will be. I dread to think.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Now here is a thought



Is this the only way to get an election/ brexit in the UK?

Pro Europeans just made us....

....just like the USA!

Isn't it ironic that in the attempts to stop brexit by pro EU fanatics  ( the underlying reason behind the propagation supreme court case) has made us more like the USA , with political judicial activism?  Given that by and large the left , liberals and a chunk of our establishment detest Americana , it's doubly ironic that this is the long term consequence of today's decision. Our whole constitutional settlement is being realigned and interestingly no-one voted for that , via referendum or parliamentary fiat.

But. Anyway. Time to doff your cap to our new Lord protector , Bercow.

Trump go!

Hi All, Trump betrayed the Kurds! Bastard, coward,  narcissist , dishonourable .... I'm being nice ! Apparently Isis will "O...