Sunday, 31 December 2017

Comments Policy

The comments are not moderated before publication, however we reserve the right to delete posts that fall foul of these general rules :

1. Abuse towards us or another blogger- please advise us in the comments if you think a post should be deleted, if we haven't already
2. Spaming
3. Trolling - i.e. posting to inflame a discussion on a topic
4. Repeated posting on Brexit if that is not the topic of the post , see our separate Brexit discussion page
5. Try to be civil in your replies to each other, even if you disagree
6. Try to think of this as a Shabbat meal discussion. Robust, informative, but done in a spirit to help and not put down people.
7. Anti Semitism is not tolerated here and neither is libel, slander or people being a dick. We have tightened up in this regard and have banned several bloggers we are perfectly free to go to other blogs more to their liking .
8. No questions will be tolerated about crude remarks or questions on  our sex life  and these will be deleted upon posting

Robust debate and discussion is allowed and off topic conversations are permitted to a point, providing they do not conflict with 3 or 4.

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